The Politics of Decentralization : Forests, People and Power

RTI Bibliographic reference Author(s): Colfer, Carol J. Pierce; Capistrano, Doris Publisher: Earthscan, London Etc. (English) Description: EDOC is Partial preview A workshop on decentralization, federal systems of forestry, and national forest programmes was held in Interlaken, Switzerland, in April 2004, bringing together more than 160 participants from 51 countries, representing over 70% of the global […]

Learning from Change : Issues and Experiences in Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation

RTI Bibliographic reference Author(s): Estrella, Marisol Publisher: Intermediate Technology Publications Etc., London Etc. (English) Description: This book is a collection of experiences in participatory monitoring and evaluation from around the world, within different contexts and settings. The purpose is not to establish a singular definition of PM&E practice, but to review these experiences, and to […]

Decentralization and Democratic Local Governance Programming Handbook

RTI Bibliographic reference Author(s): Bland, Gary Publisher: United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Bureau for Democracy, Conflict, and Humanitarian Assistance. Office of Democracy and Governance, Washington, DC (English) Description: This handbook serves as a practical guide to USAID officers who are faced with the task of developing program activities in the areas of decentralization […]