Lessons Learned on Donor Support to Decentralisation and Local Governance

RTI Bibliographic reference Author(s): Publisher: Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD), Paris (English) Description: The objective of the study was firstly, to provide a synthesis of the lessons learned and good practice cases on donor support to decentralization and local governance. Secondly, to guide donors and partner countries towards improving programmes supporting decentralization and […]

Local Government Initiative : Pro-Poor Infrastructure and Service Delivery in Rural Sub-Saharan Africa : A Synthesis of Case Studies

RTI Bibliographic reference Author(s): Winter , Mike Publisher: United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), New York, NY (English) Description: This paper provides a synthesis and comparative analysis of the case studies of local government infrastructure and service delivery in rural areas in four sub-Saharan countries (Ethiopia, Mali, Senegal and Uganda). Link: http://www.uncdf.org/sites/default/files/Download/InitiativesENG_0.pdf Imported from id […]

The Politics of Decentralization in Africa : A Comparative Analysis

RTI Bibliographic reference Author(s): Ndegwa, Stephen N.; Levy, Brian Publisher: World Bank, Washington, DC (English) Description: The different pathways to decentralization are examined, via a focus on the political dynamics of the process. A framework for assessing decentralization within individual countries was applied to Uganda, Senegal, and Malawi. Link: http://www1.worldbank.org/publicsector/LearningProgram/Decentralization/Ndegwa.pdf Imported from id 668296 Rec […]

Local Government and Participation

RTI Bibliographic reference Author(s): Inglis, Andy Publisher: International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), London (English) Description: The use of participatory learning and action (PLA) by local governments are discussed. One topic is how participation could be used to influence new styles of leadership that are more transparent and accountable. Link: http://www.planotes.org/pla_backissues/44.html Imported from id […]