State Recognition of Traditional Authority in Mozambique : The Nexus of Community Representation and State Assistance

RTI Bibliographic reference Author(s): Buur, Lars; Kyed, Helene Maria Publisher: Nordiska Afrikainstitutet, Uppsala (English) Description: The provisions of Decree 15/2000 in Mozambique for decentralization, nation building, rural development, civic education, community participation, and recognition of traditional authorities are an ambiguous mix of community-representation and state-assistance. Link: Imported from id 605470 Rec 106 Lines 2456.

Tools to Support Transparency in Local Governance

RTI Bibliographic reference Author(s): Publisher: UN-Habitat Etc., Nairobi Etc. (English) Description: This toolkit offers practical tools that civil society organizations and other advocacy groups can use in their efforts to promote more effective citizen participation and for combating corruption in cities. Link: Imported from id 645614 Rec 216 Lines 4874.

African Decentralization : Local Actors, Powers and Accountability

RTI Bibliographic reference Author(s): Ribot, Jesse Craig Publisher: United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD) Etc., Geneva Etc. (English) Description: In Africa, decentralization is not implemented in ways necessary to realize the benefits that theory predicts, because it fails to entrust downwardly accountable representative actors with significant domains of autonomous discretionary power. Link:… Read More

Gender and Local Governance : A New Discourse in Development

RTI Bibliographic reference Author(s): Shamin, Ishrat; Kumari, Ranjana Publisher: Centre for Women and Children Studies Etc., Dhaka Etc. (English) Description: The study is broadly an attempt to analyze the emerging scenario of women leadership at local politics by focusing on the elected women representatives of Union Parishad of Bangladesh compared to their counterparts in Panchayats… Read More

Deliberative Democracy and Citizen Empowerment

RTI Bibliographic reference Author(s): Pimbert, Michel Publisher: International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), London (English) Description: This issue draws together some key thinking around public participation in policy formulation, using a range of techniques known as

Gender Analysis and Interpretation of Barriers to Women’s Participation in Ghana’s Decentralised Local Government System

RTI Bibliographic reference Author(s): Ohene-Konadu, Gifty Publisher: University of Cape-Town South. Africa Gender Institute, Cape-Town (English) Description: This paper adopts a multi-dimensional gender analysis to debunk the notions that carry with them intrinsic assumptions that the devolution of power to the grassroots level will bring power closer to all the people, including women, and thereby… Read More

Promoting the Participation of Women in Local Governance and Development : The Case of Ghana

RTI Bibliographic reference Author(s): Ofei-Aboagye, Esther Publisher: European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM), Maastricht (English) Description: This paper describes initiatives in Ghana to promote the participation of women in local governance and the role of European support. Link: Imported from id 244177 Rec 34 Lines 703.

Popular Participation in Bolivia : Does the Law &Quot;Participaci

RTI Bibliographic reference Author(s): Andersson, Vibeke Publisher: Centre for Development Studies, Copenhagen (English) Description: The Bolivian law on popular participation of 1995 gave only mixed results in the first 5 years. The power-holding structures at the local level still are occupied by the political parties. Link: Imported from id 239098 Rec 33 Lines 683.

Decentralization in Latin America : Learning Through Experience

RTI Bibliographic reference Author(s): Peterson, George E. Publisher: World Bank, Washington, DC (English) Description: Three main challenges for decentralization to succeed in Latin America and the Caribbean are analysed: (1) establishing national fiscal frameworks; (2) placing governments closer to the people; and (3) improving municipal service delivery. Link: Imported from id 212210 Rec 29… Read More