The Political Economy of Decentralization in Bolivia

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Author(s): Robinson, James A.

Publisher: Scholars at Harvard, Cambridge, MA (English)

Description: The political economy of decentralization in Bolivia is discussed, including the central political groups, their interests in decentralization and the instruments used to influence the outcome. The strong demand for decentralization is explained and ways to address the political crisis are examined.


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The Political Economy of Democratic Decentralization

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Author(s): Manor, James

Publisher: World Bank, Washington, DC (English)

Description: This report examines the origins and implications decentralization from a political economy perspective, with a focus on its promise and limitations. It identifies conditions needed for decentralization to succeed and suggests ways in which decentralization can promote rural development.


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Toward a Political-Economy of Local Governance in Africa : Policies, Institutions, Interests and Consequences

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Author(s): Wunsch, James S.

Publisher: Indiana University, Bloomington, IN (English)

Description: This paper is an attempt to develop and explore a model of what might be called the ‘political economy’ of local governance in Africa, and how it affects several of the policies and institutions used to organize key aspects of decentralization and local governance.


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