The Political Economy of Decentralization in Bolivia

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Author(s): Robinson, James A.

Publisher: Scholars at Harvard, Cambridge, MA (English)

Description: The political economy of decentralization in Bolivia is discussed, including the central political groups, their interests in decentralization and the instruments used to influence the outcome. The strong demand for decentralization is explained and ways to address the political crisis are examined.


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Local Governance for Poverty Reduction in Africa : AGF-V Concept Paper

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Author(s): Saasa, Oliver S.; Teixeira, Alfredo; Othman

Publisher: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). African Governance Forum (AGF), New York, NY Etc. (English)

Description: This concept paper highlights issues in local governance, including: (1) political leadership and participation; (2) access and equity in social service delivery; (3) fiscal decentralization and financial management; and (4) a framework for action linking local governance and poverty reduction.


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Fiscal Decentralization : Is It Happening? : How Do We Know? : Conference Papers

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Author(s): Ebel, Robert D.; Yilmaz, Serdar

Publisher: Georgia State University. Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, Atlanta, GA (English)

Description: This paper looks at 3 policy issues: (1) decentralization is happening politically, but is it also fiscally? (2) is fiscal decentralization destabilizing growth; and (3) have any of the promised benefits of political decentralization been realized?


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What, Why, and Where

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Publisher: World Bank Group, Washington, DC (English)

Description: The purpose of this section is to provide a broad overview of the many different types of decentralization which can be occurring across countries and even within the same country and sector.


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