Capacity Building for Decentralised Education Service Delivery in Ethiopia and Pakistan : A Comparative Analysis : A Study Prepared for the Project Capacity, Change and Performance

RTI Bibliographic reference Author(s): Watson, David; Yohannes, Lissane; Khan, Adnan Qadir Publisher: European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM), Maastricht (English) Description: This discussion paper summarizes the main features of the two cases. It identifies factors that appear to matter most in the relationship of change, capacity and performance, and with regard to the feasibility… Read More

Technical Assistance (Financed by the Poverty Reduction Cooperation Fund) for Pilot Project on Institutionalizing Civil-Society Participation to Create Local Pro-Poor Budgets

RTI Bibliographic reference Author(s): Brommelhorster, J. Publisher: Asian Development Bank (ADB), Manila (English) Description: The regional technical assistance is designed to create the enabling environment for participatory budgeting in local government by building on global best practices of civil society work. Link: Imported from id 532050 Rec 74 Lines 1687.