Supporting Capacity Development for Sustainable Land Administration Infrastructures

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Author(s): Enemark, Stig

Publisher: Aalborg University, Aalborg (English)

Description: The need for good land administration is discussed and recommendations for institutional development to facilitate the design and implementation of efficient land administration models and to support good governance are provided.


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Organizational Legitimacy, Capacity and Capacity Development : Paper

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Author(s): Brinkerhoff, Derick W.

Publisher: University of Kansas. Public Management Research Association (PMRA), Lawrence, KS (English)

Description: In international development settings legitimacy of often externally introduced innovations or reforms is crucial. Isomorphism dynamics and the socially constructed nature of legitimacy are key dimensions in the analysis of organizational capacity and capacity-building.


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La D

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Author(s): Diarra, Souleymane; Hilhorst, Dorothea H.M.; Baltissen, Gerard

Publisher: Institut Royal Des Tropiques (KIT), Amsterdam (French)

Description: This report discusses not only the rationale for and foundations of decentralization in Mali, the institutional arrangements, and the first results of decentralization at local level, but also the issues and challenges arising from the process.


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Decentralisation in Mali : Putting Policy into Practice

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Author(s): Diarra, Souleymane; Lubbock, Jean

Publisher: Royal Tropical Institute (KIT), Amsterdam (English)

Description: This bulletin describes the rationale for and foundations of decentralisation in Mali, the institutional support arrangements and the first achievements of the process at local level, as well as the issues and challenges arising from this process.


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Local Economic Development Agencies : International Co-Operation for Human Development, Economic Democracy and Poverty Reduction

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Author(s): Catenacci, Bruno

Publisher: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Etc., New York, NY Etc. (English)

Description: A LEDA is a legal,local partnership arrangement between the main public and private institutions with the aim of maximizing the endogenous economic potential and competitive advantage of a territory in a global context, by making use of local natural, human and institutional resources.


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Decentralisation and Development Planning : Some Practical Considerations

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Author(s): Hadingham, Tim

Publisher: Department for International Development (DFID). Transport Links, London Etc. (English)

Description: Three case studies are presented to illustrate a number of areas that require careful consideration when the institutionalization of decentralized development planning systems forms part of project activities.


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Environment, Livelihoods and Local Institutions : Decentralization in Mainland Southeast Asia

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Author(s): Dupar, Mairi; Badenoch, Nathan; Dang Thanh, Ha

Publisher: World Resources Institute (WRI), Washington, DC (English)

Description: This report provides an overview of the decentralization of natural resources decision-making and management in mainland Southeast Asia during the past 20 years. Based on seven case studies, the report analyzes the implications of these reforms for upland ecosystems and livelihoods.


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Realities or Rhetoric? : Revisiting the Decentralization of Natural Resources Management in Uganda and Zambia

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Author(s): Lind, Jeremy; Cappon, Jan

Publisher: ACTS Press, Nairobi (English)

Description: The reasoning underlying decentralization reforms for natural resource management in east and southern Africa is analysed, using cases from Uganda and Zambia. There may be better ways for establishing local environmental management.


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