Institutional Change and Its Impact on the Poor and Excluded : The Indian Decentralisation Experience

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Author(s): Narayana, D.

Publisher: Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) : And ILO, Paris Etc. (English)

Description: The impact of decentralization in India on poverty reduction is far from straightforward. It depends on overall policy commitment and the capacity of societies to mobilize themselves empowered by schooling, newspaper readership, and self-help participation.


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Building State Capacity in Africa : New Approaches, Emerging Lessons

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Author(s): Levy, Brian; Kpundeh, Sahr

Publisher: World Bank Institute, Washington, DC (English)

Description: Various facets of state capacity building in Africa are highlighted, discussing among other things education decentralization and the politics of decentralization in general.


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Decentralisation in Mali : Putting Policy into Practice

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Author(s): Diarra, Souleymane; Lubbock, Jean

Publisher: Royal Tropical Institute (KIT), Amsterdam (English)

Description: This bulletin describes the rationale for and foundations of decentralisation in Mali, the institutional support arrangements and the first achievements of the process at local level, as well as the issues and challenges arising from this process.


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Applying the Comprehensive LED Approach : The Case of Mozambique

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Author(s): Boekel, Geert Van; Logtestijn, Majon Van

Publisher: International Labour Office (ILO). Cooperative Branch, Geneva (English)

Description: This case study from Mozambique shows how the Local Economic Development (LED) Approach can be implemented in post-conflict situations. It also provides a step-by-step account of the creation of a Local Economic Development Agency (LEDA) and proposes recommendations for future policy orientations.


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Land Policies for Growth and Poverty Reduction

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Author(s): Deininger, Klaus

Publisher: Washington, DC Etc., World Bank Etc. (English)

Description: The effectiveness of land policy in support of development, and poverty reduction can be enhanced by strengthening (local) governments’ contribution to the promotion of socially desirable land allocation, and utilization. Mechanisms include (land) taxation, regulation, and land use planning.


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Building Coherence Between Sector Reforms and Decentralisation : Do SWAps Provide the Missing Link?

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Author(s): Land, Tony; Hauck, Volker; Bijl, Jaap

Publisher: European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM), Maastricht (English)

Description: The report looks at the relationship between sector-wide approaches (SWAps), sector programmes and decentralization processes in different institutional contexts, drawing on five country studies. It examines how SWAps can support sector reforms and decentralization in a balanced and coherent way.


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