Local Organizations in Decentralized Development : Their Functions and Performance in India

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Author(s): Alsop, Ruth; Kurey, Bryan

Publisher: World Bank, Washington, DC (English)

Description: Local organizations have become key mechanisms in effective, fair, and sustainable resource management and development in India. However, the support for local organizations is often little more than rudimentary.

Link: http://go.worldbank.org/JGIR9UKHR0

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Steering Community Driven Development? : A Desk Study of NRM Choices

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Author(s): Ribot, Jesse C.; Mearns, Robin

Publisher: World Resources Institute. Institutions and Governance Program, Washington, DC (English)

Description: The purpose of this study is to examine the state of practice in World Bank community driven-development (CDD) projects that address natural resource management (NRM) concerns, especially with regard to decision making and the decision to address NRM under the CDD project.

Link: http://pdf.wri.org/steering_community_driven_development.pdf

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State Recognition of Traditional Authority in Mozambique : The Nexus of Community Representation and State Assistance

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Author(s): Buur, Lars; Kyed, Helene Maria

Publisher: Nordiska Afrikainstitutet, Uppsala (English)

Description: The provisions of Decree 15/2000 in Mozambique for decentralization, nation building, rural development, civic education, community participation, and recognition of traditional authorities are an ambiguous mix of community-representation and state-assistance.

Link: http://urn.kb.se/resolve?urn=urn:nbn:se:nai:diva-114

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Decentralization and Service Delivery

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Author(s): Ahmad, Junaid

Publisher: World Bank, Washington, DC (English)

Description: This paper provides a framework that explains both why decentralization can generate substantial improvements in service delivery, and why it often falls short of this promise. Strong relationships of accountability between the actors in the service delivery chain are emphasized.

Link: http://www-wds.worldbank.org/servlet/WDSContentServer/WDSP/IB/2005/05/12/000011823_20050512104803/Rendered/PDF/wps3603.pdf

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Representation in Decentralized Governance and Local Service Delivery for MDGs : Regional Retreat : Retreat Report

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Publisher: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Etc., New York, NY Etc. (English)

Description: In May 2005 a regional workshop was held in Hua Hin, Thailand, to discuss approaches to ensure inclusion of women, youth, ethic minorities and disadvantaged groups in local government as well as the role of traditional representation.

Link: http://regionalcentrebangkok.undp.or.th/practices/governance/documents/Report_Decentralized_Gov_Regional_RetreatJune2005.pdf

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Decentralization and Agricultural Development : Introduction to the Training Path on Decentralization and Agricultural Development : Thematic Overview

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Author(s): Lai, K.C.; Cistulli, Vito

Publisher: EASYPol : For FAO, Rome (English)

Description: These modules could be of interest to a broad audience of policy analysts, decision makers, development practitioners, and training institutions. The modules deal with decentralization of: (1) agricultural services; (2) rural financial services; and (3) input supply and marketing services.

Link: http://www.fao.org/docs/up/easypol/341/dec_agr_development_011en.pdf

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Decentralization and District Development : Participatory &Amp; Multi-Sectoral Framework for Decentralized Policies and Local Development Strategies Addressed to Millennium Development Goals : Consolidated Review of Case Studies, Regional Experiences, Best Practices and Evidences Based on UNCDF &Amp; UNDP Support in Mozambique

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Author(s): Massuanganhe, Israel Jacob

Publisher: United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) Etc., New York, NY Etc. (English)

Description: The document is an integrated and multi-sectoral policy paper that provides a general framework for mainstreaming sectoral decentralization into local development with special emphasis on the eradication of poverty, accountability, participation, and capacity building.

Link: http://www.undp.org.mz/en/content/download/908/3809/file/Decentralization%20and%20District%20Development.pdf

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