The Politics of Decentralization : Forests, People and Power

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Author(s): Colfer, Carol J. Pierce; Capistrano, Doris

Publisher: Earthscan, London Etc. (English)

Description: EDOC is Partial preview A workshop on decentralization, federal systems of forestry, and national forest programmes was held in Interlaken, Switzerland, in April 2004, bringing together more than 160 participants from 51 countries, representing over 70% of the global forest surface.


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The Political Economy of Decentralization in Bolivia

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Author(s): Robinson, James A.

Publisher: Scholars at Harvard, Cambridge, MA (English)

Description: The political economy of decentralization in Bolivia is discussed, including the central political groups, their interests in decentralization and the instruments used to influence the outcome. The strong demand for decentralization is explained and ways to address the political crisis are examined.


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Decentralization Reforms : Help or Hindrance to Forest Conservation?

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Author(s): Andersson, Krister P.; Gibson, Clark C.

Publisher: Indiana University. Digital Library of the Commons (DLC), Bloomington, IN (English)

Description: The paper argues that even in instances where local governments effectively carry out their decentralized mandate it is unreasonable to expect that decentralization will lead to conservation of all forests, all the time.


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Lessons Learned on Donor Support to Decentralisation and Local Governance

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Publisher: Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD), Paris (English)

Description: The objective of the study was firstly, to provide a synthesis of the lessons learned and good practice cases on donor support to decentralization and local governance. Secondly, to guide donors and partner countries towards improving programmes supporting decentralization and local governance.


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Decentralization and Local Government in Bolivia : An Overview from the Bottom Up

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Author(s): Faguet, Jean-Paul

Publisher: London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Development Studies Institute (DESTIN), London (English)

Description: In this paper, dr. Jean-Paul Faguet of the London School of Economics draws general lessons from his insights on decentralization and popular democracy in Bolivia. The preconditions for democratic, accountable, informed, and economically sensitive governance are identified.


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Decentralisation and Democratic Governance : Experiences from India, Bolivia and South Africa

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Author(s): Hadenius, Axel

Publisher: Almqvist &Amp; Wiksell, Stockholm (English)

Description: The detrimental effects of decentralization on the quality of political and administrative practices in Bolivia, India, and South Africa are examined with special attention to the incidence of corruption, mismanagement and patronage.


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Building Coherence Between Sector Reforms and Decentralisation : Do SWAps Provide the Missing Link?

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Author(s): Land, Tony; Hauck, Volker; Bijl, Jaap

Publisher: European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM), Maastricht (English)

Description: The report looks at the relationship between sector-wide approaches (SWAps), sector programmes and decentralization processes in different institutional contexts, drawing on five country studies. It examines how SWAps can support sector reforms and decentralization in a balanced and coherent way.


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Learning from Change : Issues and Experiences in Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation

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Author(s): Estrella, Marisol

Publisher: Intermediate Technology Publications Etc., London Etc. (English)

Description: This book is a collection of experiences in participatory monitoring and evaluation from around the world, within different contexts and settings. The purpose is not to establish a singular definition of PM&E practice, but to review these experiences, and to identify key issues and questions.


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Popular Participation in Bolivia : Does the Law &Quot;Participaci

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Author(s): Andersson, Vibeke

Publisher: Centre for Development Studies, Copenhagen (English)

Description: The Bolivian law on popular participation of 1995 gave only mixed results in the first 5 years. The power-holding structures at the local level still are occupied by the political parties.


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