PHP GAE and the GSuite Directory

UNDER CONSTRUCTION AS I GO… My latest adventure has been trying to create a staff directory for my organization’s GSuite user directory. There are commercial versions available, but all are both expensive and don’t do what I need. This dives me into the somewhat complex world of OAuth authentication and the google API. There is… Read More

Pure CSS Tips and Tricks

[Under Construction] I have recently decided to move our code base from Bootstrap 3 to Pure CSS. Pure is a very light-weight CSS framework that does not depend on JavaScript and so has advantages for areas with poor bandwidth. I am new to it, so this is what I’ve learned. Not ready out of the box. While… Read More

Knowledge is Power

Learn. Know. Share. This section of the website is designed to empower you with materials and tools to learn more about hunger and all of the interconnected issues which play a critical role in our ending world hunger once and for all. Please see the issues pages for more facts on each topic as well… Read More