Convert PCD on Chromebook

My passion is to be able to do everything on my chromebook. Sometimes I do have to go back to my 2010 Macbook to deal with obsolete media, but I really shouldn’t have to… Chromebrew should be able to load the command-line packages I need… until full Linux capability comes to my Chromebook.

Here is one item. I have a stack of Kodak PhotoCDs with nice, high-resolution photos. There are a few websites that claim to convert the PCD files – but they only hand you a very low-resolution version.

Fortunately, there is the command line program pcdtojpeg which excellent download and installation instructions. Basically, you just download the zip and copy the src folder to your Downloads area, and then…:
cd ~/Downloads/srccrew install libjpeg
“`g++ main.cpp pcdDecode.cpp -ljpeg -lpthread -o pcdtojpeg

It is, however, refusing to execute over permissions even with sudo. Will get back to you on this!