Pure CSS Tips and Tricks

[Under Construction]

I have recently decided to move our code base from Bootstrap 3 to Pure CSS. Pure is a very light-weight CSS framework that does not depend on JavaScript and so has advantages for areas with poor bandwidth. I am new to it, so this is what I’ve learned.

  1. Not ready out of the box. While the basic pair of css files will give you access to both non-responsive and responsive grids and drop=down menus and other components, quite a few basics are missing. (If I were King, I would propose a law that you the websites for css frameworks should not use added css!) You will need to add your own css file. One of my objectives is to have that be as small and straight forward as possible.
  2. Padding. Out of the box Pure assumes zero padding on its divs – which makes them quite ugly for holding text, and if you add padding you break the columns, and the solution is a bit arcane. In their own extra css file