Decentralization and Democratic Local Governance Programming Handbook

RTI Bibliographic reference Author(s): Bland, Gary Publisher: United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Bureau for Democracy, Conflict, and Humanitarian Assistance. Office of Democracy and Governance, Washington, DC (English) Description: This handbook serves as a practical guide to USAID officers who are faced with the task of developing program activities in the areas of decentralization… Read More

Enhancing Participation in Local Governance : Experiences from the Philippines

RTI Bibliographic reference Author(s): Mercaida, Enrique G. Publisher: International Institute of Rural Reconstruction (IIRR) Etc., Silang Etc. (English) Description: This source book on decentralization, devolution, participation and governance shares results in public sector reform and highlights successful experiences in health service delivery, natural resources management and the promotion of local economic development. Link: Imported… Read More

Decentralizing Agricultural Extension : Lessons and Good Practice

RTI Bibliographic reference Author(s): Alex, Gary Publisher: World Bank. Rural Development Family. Agricultural Knowledge &Amp; Information Systems (AKIS), Washington, DC (English) Description: Field extension advisory services are well suited to decentralized approaches, but a comprehensive extension system requires a range of extension support services and programs, some of which (strategy formulation, training, M&E) are often… Read More

Making Decentralization Accountable : A Framework for Analysis and Empirical Studies from South Asia and West Africa : Paper Submitted to Comparative Politics

RTI Bibliographic reference Author(s): Agrawal, Arun; Ribot, Jesse C. Publisher: Indiana University, Bloomington, IN (English) Description: A framework for examining the degree to which decentralizations are being carried out is described. Most decentralization efforts end up without increasing much the powers of local authorities or peoples. Since 1917, francophone West Africa has seen at least… Read More

Responding to Citizens’ Needs : Local Governance and Social Services for All : Report

RTI Bibliographic reference Author(s): Rosenbaum, Allan; Svensson, Arne Publisher: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Etc., New York, NY Etc. (English) Description: This forum was held in Stockholm, Sweden, from 2-5 May 2000, for representatives of national governments, local authorities, civil society organizations and United Nations agencies to share experiences and best practices in local governance… Read More

Decentralisation and Poverty Reduction : Elaborating the Linkages

RTI Bibliographic reference Author(s): Bossuyt, Jean; Gould, Jeremy Publisher: European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM) Etc., Maastricht Etc. (English) Description: The contribution of decentralization to poverty reduction is examined and the added value of local governments in poverty reduction strategies is assessed, using cases from Ethiopia, Guinea and Mozambique. Link: Imported from id… Read More

Guide for Monitoring, Evaluation and Joint Analyses of Pluralistic Extension Support

RTI Bibliographic reference Author(s): Christoplos, Ian; Kidd, Andrew Publisher: Swiss Center for Agricultural Extension and Rural Development (LBL). Department for International Cooperation Etc., Lindau Etc. (English) Description: In the context of a discussion of institutional arrangements for extension as outlined in the

Towards Good Governance at the Local Level : The Role of Grassroots Institutions

RTI Bibliographic reference Author(s): Wit, Joop De Publisher: Institute of Social Studies, The Hague (English) Description: This paper argues that good governance efforts should be aimed at the local, municipal level. Unfortunately, local government is often very weak in terms of capacity, finance, and elite capture. Link: Imported from id 501364 Rec 39 Lines… Read More